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Majority unfamiliar with eSports, says RightCasino

  According to a poll of over 2,000 UK adults conducted by RightCasino.com, 84 per cent of people in the UK have never heard of eSports.


  In a UK poll, 2,006 adults online were asked whether they had heard of eSports prior to the survey, whether they had gambled on eSports and whether they would in the future.

  Of those that gave an opinion, only 16 per cent said they were familiar with eSports, with two per cent saying that they would look to gamble on it in the future.

  RightCasino.com editor Richard Luck said: “In gaming circles, eSports is a huge buzzword right now and the overall industry is growing at an expediential rate.

  “However, it was interesting to discover that something that is a regular fixture on our daily newsfeed is a niche activity as far as most of the population is concerned."

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