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Q:Does the betting center open on weekend days?
A:Yes,we open seven days a week.
Q:how do you use the money from lottery selling?
A:50%of our money will use in awarding, 10% will use in lottery issuing andmaintenance, 40% will donate to the UNICEF.
Q:where should I receive my prize?
A:Ifthe amount of your prize is less than 125 euro, you can go in any of our bettingcenter to get your prize with your ticket. If the amount of your prize isgreater than 625 euro, please contact us with the phone number on the ticket, ordirectly go to Valletta Welfare United Commission to get your prize.
Q:How should I make the bet?
A:Youcan purchase your ticket in any of our betting center.
Q:what is the price for each ticket?
A:eachticket costs 1 euro.
Q:what if I lost my ticket?
A:unfortunately, your ticket is the only evidence of your bet, you will not able to receive your prize if you lost your ticket.
Q:what if my ticket has stain on it?
A:pleasedo not worry; the ticket is still effective only if the issuing and bettingnumber is readable by our staff.
Q:when is the opening time of the Lucky Airship?
A:our opening time is from The last Sunday in March - The last Sunday in September 06:04AM to 09:04PM, another time is 07:04AM to 10:09PM. we release one drawing result in every five minutes, total 180 drawings per day. we are closed between in The last Sunday in March - The last Sunday in September 09:09PM to 06:04AM, another time is  10:09PM to 07:04AM.
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All winning tickets must be redeemed in the state/jurisdiction in which they are sold.
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